MTS technology
is versatile.

We have been concentrating on
oil and gas
drilling sector,
but we are constantly
developing new applications.

Key Applications


The MTS treatment plant for onshore business is designed to be fully mobile. It can be transported by land, air or sea.
The treatment plant is ready for operation within 1-12 hours upon arrival, depending on the application for which it’s used.
It runs on its own electric power unit in case no external electricity is available


Dredging toxic materials is problematic when operating in canals, riverbanks and in industrial areas, where the waste water handling has been improper. The dredged materials are normally a mixture of clay, sand and organic particles. These materials are ideal for our technology to be purified.


Our offshore application will render current methods obsolete in oil & gas drilling waste treatment.
It offers savings and improvements in all areas of waste management:
• Energy efficiency
• Logistics
• No emissions
• Absolutely pure, non-toxic end product

Sewer Sludge

Sewer sludge is commonly used as fertilizer. This can be problematic due to heavy metal contents of the sludge. The MTS treatment method converts the sludge into ceramic granules wherein heavy metals remain encapsulated and non-soluble.