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Migliore MTS DK-50 is a fully equipped waste treatment plant. When delivered to a customer it includes everything that is needed for starting the treatment process. We thoroughly test all the MTS units before they are delivered to customers.

Technical Specification of the standard MTS DK-50

Treatment specifications:

Treatment method: Super-thermal Treatment Method
Double kiln burning configuration
Treatment capacity: 8 tonnes/hour
+50 000 tonnes/year
Treatment capacity depends on the moisture and hydrocarbon content
Applicable materials: All non-radioactive materials including at least 20% of clay, silth or similar
Fuels: Diesel, fuel oil, heavy fuel oil or gas.
Any other burnable waste liquids and hydrocarbons are also feasible.
If the treated waste consists of burnable hydrocarbons (e.g. waste oil, lubricants, plastics, asphalt, bitumen…) 4% or more there is no need for external energy.
Fuel consumption: Depending on the content and the humidity of the treated waste
(As an example: polluted soil which humidity is less than 10%, the fuel consumption is 40 litres of diesel / ton)

Structural specifications:

Structure: Modular intermodal shipping container-fitted treatment plant including following units: waste mixer and feeder, kiln 1, kiln 2, buffer storage for the end product, device room, cleaning unit and control room
Size: 22 x 6.2 meters
The whole treatment plant is fitted in 7 intermodal shipping containers (2 x 20ft and 5 x 40ft)
Weight: 60 tons
Required area when operating: 35 x 15 meters
Flue gas purification system: Standard industrial filters including cyclones, venturi scrubber and droplet separator. The final configuration is defined according to customer’s needs. Emissions always below EU-norms
Process control: Based on Siemens Simatic PCS7
All interfaces comply with international standards. Remote control as standard. Multifunctional monitor system included.
Internet: Based on customer’s needs (WLAN, GPRS, 3G, 4G, satellite)
Power unit: CATERPILLAR C 6.6 Power Pack (140 kW/250kVA, 400/230 V, 50Hz)
Control room: Container built. Equipped with process controlling equipment, air conditioning and a storage and cleaning facilities for the staff

Services and maintenance:

All treatment plants comes with the Migliore Lifespan Service package (MLS).

The package includes:

  • 24/7 online surveillance of the process and the functioning of the equipment
  • Lifespan warranty for the process
  • Online diagnosis of the plant
  • Start-up and shut-down support via online
  • Introductory and maintenance training for operating staff
  • End product and process optimization via online
  • End product testing and development for commercial purposes

Basic routine checks and maintenance operations (filter changes, lubrication…) are carried out by operating staff daily, weekly and monthly based on our maintenance instructions.
All treatment plants are in connection to our control center where all crucial parts and equipment are monitored 24/7 to ensure flawless operation (internet connection is required and included).

All faults caused by miss-use, failure to follow maintenance instructions or accidents caused by users are billed from the customer.

Quality Control:

MTS treatment plants are build under strict quality control.
Following sertificates ensure high quality and environmental friendliness throughout the manufacturing process:

Other good things to know:

MTS Treatment Plant is very energy efficient due to the inside construction of the kilns and the heat recovery of the whole process. Our efficiency comes also through the fact that we are movable and by that way we are able to minimize the transportation distances, we go there where the polluted material is.

System sensitivity to changes in volume feeding:
MTS Treatment Plant is designed so that it is possible to run in one, two or three shifts. The warm up and cool down operation can be done very quickly, which is also a benefit in possible maintenance operations.

The end product of the process:
The end product of the process is ceramic granules that are non-soluble and cleaner than normal Finnish soil. Its physical and thermo-dynamical features makes it ideal for multitude of applications e.g. construction material, insulator and road foundation. According to our research the mechanical features of it makes it even suitable for building elements of a multi floor buildings. There-fore it has substantial commercial value. In Finland the price of the end product vary from 40 to 60 euros per cubic meter. The amount of the end product produced is strictly linked to the content of the waste and there-fore it should be evaluated case basis. But as an example if 50,000 tons of drilling waste or polluted soil is treated it generates 65,000 cubic meters of end product.

Required human resources:
The treatment plant is run and controlled by one person. One additional person is usually required to assist loading and unloading operations.

Emissions (effluent if any, gases, solids, noise):
The flue gases; the standard treatment plant includes widely used and standard industrial filters including cyclones, venturi scrubber and droplet separator. The final configuration and models are always defined according to customer’s needs. In every case emissions are below EU-norms. The only solids that comes out of the process is the end product that is 100% commercially usable. The whole treatment plant is encased in a redesigned intermodal shipping containers to keep the noise level at same level than idling truck.

Good to know


Prices varies based on the application, configuration of the plant, the amount of purchased treatment plants.

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