Our MTS Technology is to set new standards in waste management business.

Its Super-thermal Treatment method is the only one to achieve zero TPH and 100% clean and reusable end product. This new and innovative clean technology solution
is specially designed for environmentally conscious companies and countries.

As a company we believe that nature and technology can live together. There is no going back in time. Technology and industry are here to stay. We also recognize the vulnerability of the planet and therefore have created a viable technology to help to preserve the earth green for the generations to come.


We believe that nature and technology can live together.

The MTS Technology offers a great opportunity to first, purify the waste and simultaneously create a substantial profit from waste while participating in a highly respected and continuous effort to preserve the Planet.

Migliore is a uniting brand for clean-tech specialist, initially based on a strategic alliance in advanced biotechnology research & development, industrial product design and high-tech engineering. In 2007, the alliance decided to leverage their consolidated experience to develop a pivotal world-class waste treatment technology, the MTS System, aimed mainly for the global oil & gas, but also for other global commercial waste treatment markets.

The key driver for Migliore’s advanced research & development is the economical, high temperature, patent pending, double rotating kiln treatment and neutralizing process to eliminate hazardous waste in oil and gas drilling industry.

Our survey in the field has shown that the strict environmental regulations and growing green ideology is creating increasing demands for our potential clients. They are yearning for a functioning and viable solution for their waste problem and we have got it.

Our technology is suitable for the treatment and cleaning of waste from oil & gas drilling and dredging. It can be used for communal waste, cleaning of contaminated soil, beaches, swamps, marshland, etc. We can clean hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

The oil and gas sector
is our primary target.

Migliore’s MTS System is to set new parameters in form and function for the global oil & gas waste management infrastructure. With its large capacity and energy-efficient method the MTS System not only neutralizes large quantities of hazardous waste but also converts it into commercially reusable, non-leachable ecological material.

Technology Highlights:

Key features
• Outstanding environmental features
(TPH = 0%)
• Commercially valuable end product
• Energy efficiency
• Mobility
• Economical solution

Cutting-edge & core technologies
• Thermal technology
• Gas Purification technology
• Material technology

Become a User of
The MTS Technology

Reserve a first-row seat in the waste management revolution.

Overpowering Benefits

Superior cost-benefit-ratio
• The output is environmentally friendly and commercially valuable
• Low operational costs, minimal staff, low process energy consumption due to energy recycling and thermal economy
• Long life-span
• High capacity
• Short ROI

Safe and easy to use
• Meets the strictest safety standards
• The process can be controlled by one person
• Remote monitoring as an option

Superior end product
• Commercially exploitable and valuable multi-purpose material
• No special requirements for warehousing due to pure and non-leachable end product
• Valuable liquids are recovered and can be reused

Outstanding Energy Efficiency
• Advantages of new material technology
• Effective pre-separation of water
• Thermal economy and recycling of energy
• Quick start-up and shut-down of the process

• Logistical benefits
• Higher utilisation rate for the investment
• No special need for factory building